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The words we use to describe our life can define our life. ​​Words have deep meaning and words are the prescription to the work that I do.

Rande' Dorn License #111746

Clinical Supervisor

Supervision Groups meet Tuesdays from 1pm-3pm


I’m looking for talented and brave thinkers who want to revolutionize therapy by showing up in the room as their outrageously, authentic selves. Clinicians who see therapy as a holistic art practice requiring a commitment to deep questioning and evolutionary self awareness.

As a supervisor, my goal is to support new clinicians as they learn to trust their intuitive, knowing bodies in relationship to their clients and the space they hold with them. The key to becoming a great clinician is presence. It’s not about moving towards perfection or a ridge application of techniques. Our first goal is to learn the language of our own somatic genius and use that foundation to create safety and grounding for our clients to risk and explore the playground of their imagination and the wisdom of their darkness.

We are a feedback loop of self acceptance and love for our clients, but first we must learn to embody them ourselves. That is my mission with any new clinician, remove the blocks of radical self love so we can offer our clients an exquistly held container so they can meet and be the author of their own healing.

The concentartion of my work lives under the banner of personal liberation. Under that heading, I work closely with courageous thinkers (artists, activitists, and enthrepreneurs), clients who experience oppression due to ethnicity, culture, religion, sexuality, or gender expression, and clients who are learning to navigate lifestyles that confront tradtional relational models.

If this speaks to you and you would like to work with me, please send a resume and cover letter to:

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist #111746

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Brian Carlson License #50436



Clinical Supervisor

Gary Pearle License #30246

Owner/ Clinical Supervisor

Supervision Groups meet Tuesdays from 5pm-7pm

Good therapy is a way of laying out the welcome mat for new possibilities. It can take patience...but the secrets that unfold there are worth the wait.