I help teens and millennials get in touch with who they truly are and learn to trust themselves. Being cut off from your own gut instinct can deeply impact your entire life, causing withdrawal from relationships you care about, feeling unfulfilled or lost, and losing focus from whats important to  you. Maybe you don't know what's wrong -- you're just feeling "blah".  Life might just be "blah" right now. Either way, we'll figure out what  that is, and get you to a place of less self-criticism, less self-doubt,  and greater peace and confidence about who you are and where you're  going.

I'm a holistic therapist. I connect people to themselves and each other. 

How I Work: 

My theory of mind is holistic and integrative -- we are biological beings with individually unique psychologies, shaped and held by sociological factors. Using this as my guiding light, I will work with you to: help you understand your history and how it impacts your present; identify and attend to any present-moment challenges; and collaborate on ways you can live out a more ideal You. My approach emphasizes collaboration, emotional reflection, mindful and non-judgmental awareness, and relational authenticity. 

Who I Work With:

The short of it is: I enjoy working with anyone, and as in life – some relationships just ‘fit’ more than others. At different times, we need different environments and relationships – and I tend to best help those finding themselves buried by work or school life, pulled in different directions by relationships and desires, and people ‘in transition’ (say, transitioning from work to unemployment, or dating to married), or those carrying a heavy burden.

To that end, I most often work with youth and young adults (male-identifying, commonly), millennials, young parents, creatives, artists, spiritual seekers, educators, other therapists and counselors, entertainment professionals, social justice activists, students, and LGBTQIA+ youth and adults.

If you’re curious if we might be a good fit together, please reach out to me to ask any questions and I’ll be happy to introduce myself.


Initial 15-minute consult (by phone or video): $0
50-minute session: $120


I'm a registered associate marriage & family therapist (#121201) providing psychotherapy services in Los Angeles and online in California. I work under the licensed supervision of Gary Pearle LMFT.

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Guy “Andrew” Amick, MA, AMFT
Associate Marriage & Family Therapist #121201
E-mail: all.in.balance@protonmail.com
Phone: 323.507.3778