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Most therapists have one modality with which they possess more education and experience. That said, we are trained to work in several modalities and are not required to limit ourselves to a single point of view. We seek to integrate approaches that allow us to optimize technique and reinforce the therapeutic relationship.

With that, depth psychology is rooted in slowing down a process so that we can look at experiences from all sides. To relax and pay attention in the space that is created in the therapeutic environment.

The tradition of of depth psychology suggests that symptoms, whatever their nature, are not random but a clear indication that something "new" is on its way.

The depth therapist will look at your relationship to your experiences and look at problems as a symptoms of something deeper. Whether experiences are internal or external, a thought, perception, dream, belief, value or current relationship, we will embrace your unique perspective as a genuine element of your collective and distinctive experience. Ultimately, in the therapeutic relationship, we seek out what messages are coming to you from a greater place within.

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