Sessions Counseling Group

A Marriage and Family Therapy Professional Corporation

Rate is $150 per 50 minute hour

Sliding Scale Rate is $80-$120 per 50 minute hour

Weaved through my support is a deep empathy for the pain and difficulty that the unexamined psyche can generate. I look forward to holding the truth of that which seeks help, that wholeness in you which calls your name.

I work with individuals and adolescents as well as couples, providing a safe space for gentle exploration of inner distress. Through an eclectic mix of theories, I have watched my clients move from depression, anxiety, addiction and other difficult patterns toward a newfound sense of peace and harmony. This doesn’t come without its own brand of sacrifice, it takes a lot of self-honesty, self-acceptance and courage.

Cell: 213 792 2480

At your own pace, we work toward making these new qualities into habits that can create immense personal freedom and an increased ability to attract and sustain more connected relationships.

The foundation of my training issues from a Jungian perspective. Simply stated, this is a perspective that puts images and symbols in high regard. Dreams, fantasies and the stories we tell ourselves can reveal unconscious material through their translation into symbols and patterns. I also find it helpful to work somatically. The body often stores trauma and sends signals of distress. Through various techniques, these stuck emotions can be released from years of being trapped inside the body. The third major element in my work is strength based work, to counter the destructive effects of trauma and stuck emotion, a focus on increasing a sense of emotional safety in order to increase the capacity to identify and express needs and wants in relationship to others.