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I am passionate about good sleep habits and I believe that it is one of the most important keys to great mental health. I have many years of experience working with adults with sleep disorders at an in-home care environment.  Through this experience I have realized the importance that sleep has on our mental and emotional states.  I am enthusiastic about helping my clients to understand their issues, and then to establish better sleep habits so they are able to live a happier and more centered life.

I work from a relational humanistic approach. I believe that we all can change and grow into our best selves with the right support. I have a strong background in mindfulness-based practices and have been a meditation teacher for the past twelve years.  This mindfulness-based approach is central to my practice and helps me to assist my clients in minimizing their anxiety and depression.

I have many years of experience working as a respiratory therapist with children and adults who struggle with chronic disease.  In this role one of the most exciting things for me was to assist families in successfully navigating and adapting to the changes in their family dynamics and intimate relationships.

Lisa LaMattina, MA, AMFT 75274

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Working with families that have children with special needs, including autism, behavioral and learning challenges has given me the skills to understand the ups and downs that accompany the unexpected challenges of life.  One of the most meaningful things for me is helping individuals establish a sense of purpose in moving forward with their lives and dealing with the existential issues that we all face at one time or another.  In this role I have witnessed and supported the internal resilience of people.

I understand the difficulties and challenges in life.  I use my own intimate connection with hardship to help people develop tools that can assist them in becoming more flexible in problem solving. 

Gary D. Pearle PhD, Clinical Supervisor MFT 30246