Therapy is collaborative, in many ways, but ultimately you have the ability to make the change in your life. 

- Claire Lopaty

Counseling starts with the basic understanding that we, as people, need each other. The first step is to reach out and ask for the help you need and allow change to grow in the safety of therapy. 

- Megan Murphy Cross

A Marriage and Family Therapy Professional Corporation

Loneliness, fear and depression are difficult -- but they seldom arise for no reason. As we look for new ways to greet and engage them, we might find that they come bearing gifts.

-Gary Pearle

The words we use to describe our life can define our life. ​​Words have deep meaning and words are the prescription to the work that I do.

-Brian Carlson

Sessions Counseling Group offers psychodynamic counseling services for adults and couples

made possible by qualified, supervised Associate Marriage and Family Therapists. 

I am passionate about therapy. At its core it is an artistic endeavor -  collaborative, poetic, and profound. It is an invitation to expand who you are into the person you are meant to be.

-Rande' Dorn

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My job is to ask the right questions to help you know yourself better and become the authority of your life and mind. 

-Joanna Lovinger

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Taking the time to go inward and explore our own internal thoughts and feelings can help us heal our past and move on with confidence into the future creating the world we envision for ourselves. 

-Lisa LaMattina

Sessions Counseling Group