• I invite you on a journey of deep discovery, to explore who and how you are. My intention is to support you in processing painful experiences, letting go of patterns that may constrain you, and living with a sense of wholeness.  - Maura Tousignant

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  • Do you feel overwhelmed, unfulfilled, or misunderstood? Do you hunger for a deeper sense of connection? Are you hiding your true being because it’s too painful to reveal? In safety, compassion and daring we will work together to rediscover your wild, intuitive and authentic Self. - Audrey Curra
  • I am passionate about facilitating lasting growth with clients from all walks of life. Whether you are faced with trauma, the struggle with an intimate relationship, or you are simply looking for someone who offers a trusting relationship, I am available with a non-judgmental ear.  -Christina Lucey-Ventura

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  • I utilize depth, somatic, and strength based theory to gently move from inner distress and fragmentation to a ground of wholeness and increased emotional capacity. - Gary Millus

  • Our experiences do not define us because CHANGE is inevitable, as long as we are open to receive. We can give ourselves permission to CHANGE our narrative. - Ashari P Wallace

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Sessions Counseling Group offers psychodynamic counseling services for adults and couples

made possible by qualified, supervised Associate Marriage and Family Therapists. 


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  • We must give ourselves the space to long for and hunger for that deeper aspect of ourselves; therapy is one path to accessing that space. - Kristie Bell

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